About Us

The BookHouse Company Limited

The BOOKHOUSE COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated on the 13th day of September, 2001 under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990. It is a private company limited by shares.
The objects of which the company is established are:
  • To borrow and lend books, journals, magazines, periodicals, pictures, press cuttings, music, songs, films or other written materials in accordance with the terms and conditions to be established for such purposes by the company
• To carry on the business of art printers, colour printers, copper-plate printers, etching printers, lithographic printers and of printers generally.
• To carry on the business of magazine, periodical and journal proprietors, press agents, news agents, publishers, booksellers, book-binders, wholesale and retail stationers, fancy goods and leather goods dealers, and account manufacturers.
• To carry on the business of publishers, book and print sellers, newspaper and magazine proprietors, art journalists, machine, letter press, copper plate, lithographic, electrotype and other printers and engravers, advertisement agents and purchasers and sellers of copyrights, pictures, books, music and songs.

Premium Office Location

Plot 22, Akiogun Road, New Market, Oniru Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria
Tel: 01-2915586
Email: info@bookhouseonline.net