Abreast of coming to brand new Citadel, although not, this new route is worryingly hushed

Abreast of coming to brand new Citadel, although not, this new route is worryingly hushed

However impact the effects out-of Mordin’s sacrifice adopting the their mission toward Tuchanka, Shepard are called from the Councilor Valern, exactly who demands a conference towards Citadel regarding a significant matter. The newest Councilor explains that it concerns Councilor Udina, who has been moving billions of money and also the Councilor would like to speak about where it is going, claiming that Shepard “won’t such as the development”.

Scanning disaster streams, the newest Normandy receives a sign away from a vintage representative regarding Shepard’s: drell assassin Thane Krios, who’s retired into the Citadel to love their kept lives, whom teaches you that the Citadel is under assault; Cerberus features hit the channel for the daunting numbers and C-Sec try incapable of retaliate. The fresh new contact explains one Ashley (that have recovered throughout the injuries suffered towards the ed an excellent Spectre of the Udina ever since then) moved to protect the new Council, while they’re trying to come to C-Sec Head office, because C-Sec do not discharge a counterattack if you find yourself Cerberus keeps they. Deploying on the shuttle, Shepard and his awesome squad result in the middle of good pitched battle between C-Sec and you will Cerberus pushes outside of the headquarters, permitting C-Sec Commander Bailey retake the office. Inside, Bailey shows intel one Valern was meant to be ending up in the newest Executor, allegedly getting some one crucial charged. Because of the message the Councilor sent to the latest Normandy, Udina are accused.

Following coup shot, jobs to help you rate the pace of Crucible’s build and you may drive new Reapers straight back raise

Reasoning the Councilor is probable holed upwards from the Executor’s workplace, a fairly defensible condition, Shepard’s squad struggle their means as a result dating nudistfriends of Cerberus’ soldiers, nevertheless when it get to the place of work and you may extract the fresh new Councilor, they arrive not as much as attack regarding Kai Leng, who’s lower than sales on Illusive Guy in order to assassinate the newest Council. Valern plus demonstrates that Udina try collaborating with Cerberus to help you stage an excellent coup. Luckily for us, Thane happens and you will thwarts Leng’s murder test, but is mortally injured in the process. Leng retreats to follow the remainder Council, that have Shepard and you may providers for the hot quest.

Even with Leng’s top efforts so you’re able to delay and steer clear of their search, Shepard reaches the newest Council ahead of your within a shuttle mat, securing brand new exits to avoid Cerberus troopers out-of getting back in and you will a stressful standoff develops, with Ashley reputation in his means. Shepard face Udina, the latest Councilors and you can Ashley in the Udina’s treachery. In response, Udina tries to refuse it and attempts to figure Shepard to help you get in league having Cerberus. But not, the rest of the Council remembered the last day it did not trust Shepard and after every one of the times they don’t hear Shepard, start to believe him. On Council’s stay away from shuttle shed, Udina indicates overriding the new lockdown, unaware one Shepard successfully confident Ashley to stand off and just have out-of-the-way.

Udina, remaining with possibilities, actually starts to override the fresh secure toward door. Tevos tries to stop him, but he pushes this lady into floor and brings a tool on her behalf. Shepard is actually eventually compelled to kill the people Councilor, accompanied by brand new coming towards the scene regarding Bailey and C-Sec reinforcements. Having Udina dry and their plan defeated, Leng therefore the remaining Cerberus pushes refuge, while you are C-Sec began protecting the fresh new channel.

Shepard is actually afterwards establish with Kolyat to visit Thane throughout the his finally times from the Huerta Memorial Medical, which recites a good drell prayer out-of redemption meant for Shepard just before dying. Shepard states their latest goodbyes to help you Thane, informing your that he will not be alone for very long.

Competition getting Rannoch [ ]

Admiral Hackett connectivity Shepard having reports on that front, telling the fresh Chief you to when you find yourself turian and you may krogan ground pushes was progressing contrary to the Reapers to the Palaven, needed far more help vessels therefore the quarians are prepared to cam. Hackett needs Shepard meet the leadership of your own Migrant Fleet but cravings caution, since latest intel ways skeptical interest along the geth border.

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